ImgSign got Guided tours

After releasing the site I got lots of member registered. So I got good response from users. But it seems very few users were able to use the site effectively. In fact the number of users who created signature were too few in comparison with the number of users signed up.  So I thought to a guided tour will help people to create sign on their first sign-in.

Currently you’ll find tours on each page.  All you have to do is to click the “Page tour” link provided at the footer. It’ll invoke the guided tour.  These page tours are added on signature setting, my signature and add signature page.


Guided tour on signature settings page
Guided tour on signature settings page
Guided tour on signature settings page
Guided tour on signature settings page

Beside this the site performance is also improved. So users will find it more responsive and fast.

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ImgSign Beta released

After working for about 1 year, have gotten unfolded at last. I am glad. At least what I have started long ago is finished.

Lets discuss all about this site in what, why, how format.



This site is for those people who have a blog site and want some traffic. Who doesn’t want traffic to their own site? ImgSign will bring traffic to your site. And its free.  It creates image widget from different type of web resources (currently only RSS is supported) and let you use that image to draw traffic to your site.



For example you post on forums. In the signature you write “Visit my blog“. Here “Visit my Blog” doesn’t tell any user whats in your blog. It just tell to visit your blog.  What if you could have written “Visit my blog | ImgSign Beta released“?  User could have seen the content and they might be interested in visiting.  This approach is okay. But changing your signature over and over is tedious job.  Here ImgSign got solution for you. You create a signature supplying your blog feed and it’ll be updated over time automatically. Its not text, Its image. So if you are using it in a forum, make sure image in signature is allowed there. Everywhere else (gmail, blog etc) its supported already.  See the following signature I have made using my twitter account.

My twitter status
Click to see in proper resolution

This signature will be updated each time you visit this blog.  This will increase the visiting rate to your site.  ImgSign also support localized text. So it doens’t matter which language you write you blog in, it’ll always show it properly.  No rectangular character or broken layout. Complex scripts like Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Persian etc are shown properly.



To achieve all this all you need to do is to sign up on Dont worry, Its completely free. Then add the feed url of your blog/website/twitter/facebook(via app) to it. A signature will be created for you. Click on the newly created signature and get to the “Share Code” tab. Copy the codes of your choice. And configure it on any forum, email (gmail), website. Each time someone watches this signature image it will show the latest entry from your provided feed.


Have fun making signature.

Sample Singatures

Bengali Signature
Latest news feed from Google news Saudi Arab
Arabic Signature
Latest Post from my blog
English (latin1) Signature
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